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Miramar Villas

of Montecito

Nestled in the beautiful and luxurious town of Montecito, Miramar Villas is a unique private escape like no other only steps away from one of the Pacific Ocean's hidden gems, Montecito Beach.

Experience a private social club where coastline and fresh ocean air meet exceptional cuisine, five-star athletic and spa facilities, personalized concierge services and thoughtfully curated events and programming stayingone of six historic homes, and all the amenities of the adjacent five-star resort Rosewood Miramar Resort.




Experience the Ultimate Beach Getaway.  The Miramar Villas and Beach Club gives our guests limitless possibilities to enjoy all Montecito and Santa Barbara has to offer 




Exclusive residential luxury curated with comfort in mind, the Miramar Villas compound consists of six historic private villas adjacent to the Rosewood Miramar Resort are beachside chic and comfortable.




Montecito, California is known as The American Riviera for its stunning landscape, pleasant year-round climate and spectacular architecture.

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